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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Official Beta Tester Kira / TwiX from FlipnoteFemale/Sweden Groups :iconakame-dan: Akame-dan
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Pachirisu by CreepyJellyfishX/Y Mew Cursor by mid0456
Do NOT upload ANY of my artwork on your account or on any website outside of deviantART without my permission. I will most likely say no anyway.

I use Paint Tool SAI for my artwork, and Paint.NET for brightness effects and other effects for transparent drawings.
I use a Wacom Bamboo Connect Pen Tablet, I have been using it since December 24th 2012.

I enjoy drawing furry animals more than anything else, and I love adding backgrounds of the outside world with a lot of brightness, it gives the drawing more feelings in my opinion! I also LOVE to animate, I love to give my characters movements and life, animating is basically my life and I wish that one day I can become an animator to my own show.. Sorry, I'm dreaming again.

I draw whatever I want whenever I want so if you have a problem with what I post, I suggest you go to another page instead of bitching about it to me :3

Sometimes I'm slow at posting and sometimes I'm not, it depends on how much motivation I have, I lose it quite often.

I suggest you check out these:…

No Requests by SweetDukeNo Kiribans by SweetDukePoint Commissions - Open by SweetDukeCollaborations - Friends Only by SweetDukeGifts - Open by SweetDukeNo Trades by SweetDuke
(I only do art trades if I ask for it)

Zorua by CreepyJellyfishVictini by CreepyJellyfish

My characters

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Wonderful drawing by 5X0


Pixels and journal dolls!!

I put every journal doll/pixel I recive here!
Kira journal doll by Loserful Kira doll by MaiskittlezPixel Kira by InKcat0Akame-dan Journall dolls, number 4: Kira by BigotitosJournal Doll Commission for Sweirde by FreckledArtist
Pixel Twix .:Gift:. by AwkwardLoserPixel Twix by InKcat0Pixel Kirabiee by InKcat0


Jul 31, 2014
6:12 pm
Jul 31, 2014
5:04 pm
Jul 31, 2014
5:03 pm
Jul 31, 2014
4:58 pm
Jul 31, 2014
4:07 pm

Because why not

Braixen by CreepyJellyfishPachirisu by CreepyJellyfishLucario by CreepyJellyfishShaymin-sky by CreepyJellyfish(shiny)Charizard by CreepyJellyfishX/Y Latias Cursor by mid0456(shiny)

Latios by CreepyJellyfishMew by CreepyJellyfishMeloetta by CreepyJellyfishManaphy by CreepyJellyfish(shiny)Victini by CreepyJellyfishKeldeo by CreepyJellyfish
I feel really bad for spamming your inboxes with Journal dolls everyday so I'll start posting them on :iconpachlrlsu: instead, alright? Just had to tell you that. I have 43 to make and I make them quite fast so it's a better idea to post them on there instead of this gallery being filled with like 80% journal dolls ;o;

:bulletblue:Please do NOT rush me and don't worry about having to remind me, I have a to-do list in my Stash

:bulletblue:No refunds.

:bulletblue:Please don't commission me to draw more than 2 characters

:bulletred:I can only draw furry animals, kirbies, cute pokemon and chibi humans!

:bulletred:I WILL NOT draw you porn or fetish art, ever.


Journal doll: 40 :points:
CO Journal doll for InKcat0 2 by PACHlRlSUCO Journal doll for InKcat0 1 by PACHlRlSU
CO Journal doll for ScartailFTW by PACHlRlSUCO Journal doll for amy-thyst by PACHlRlSU(I'll try my best with humans)

Give me a refrence to a character you want a journal doll of~
You can commission up to 5 journal dolls, but remember that it's 40 points for each one!
Journal dolls will be posted on my other account PACHlRlSU

Drawing with transparent background: 150 :points:
Anneko .:Gift:. by SweirdeCO for Inkcat0 by Sweirde
Sakura by SweirdeCO for EnhancedStar by Sweirde

Give me a refrence to one or two characters and I'll draw them with no background with or without effects, either you or I decide~

Drawing with colorful background: 200 :points:

Stancat's unexpected hug by SweirdeOur friendship is held by a chain by Sweirde
Gold Rock 'n rolling by SweirdeFanart for Rainy-Bleu by Sweirde

Give me a refrence to one or two characters and I'll draw them with any kind of colorful background I can think of~

Full drawing with detailed nature background: 300 :points:
Paper plane .:Gift:. by SweirdeCrystal by Sweirde
Gift for SuKi-MaR by SweirdeGift art for Fleesveon by Sweirde

Give me a refrence to one or two characters and I'll draw them with a detailed background of the outside world~ It's not only on grass, it can be anywhere! 

Simple animation: 100 :points: for non-colored made on Flipnote or 200 :points: for colored made on SAI (As it takes a lot more effort)

Twix running animation by SweirdeCO Simple colored animation for electric32900 by Sweirde
example by SweirdeCO Flipnote animation for Konenui by Sweirde

Give me a refrence to one or two characters (Please no too complicated characters) and tell me anything you want the character to do and I'll animate it on either Flipnote or SAI, depending on what price you pay~
These animations can be used as webcams or just displays on your page as a little page doll, which is why the preview picture is just a smaller version of the animation c:


Sweirde's Profile Picture
Kira / TwiX from Flipnote
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
ID drawn by :iconnaru-pika: <3

Not a Furry STAMP by Puff-Dahh
Kira bullet by FittaKukTwix bullet by FittaKukKirabiee bullet by Sweirde

Formerly ChibiDiamond/ProudlyWeird/Kiratryoshka
Uxie by CreepyJellyfishMesprit by CreepyJellyfishAzelf by CreepyJellyfish

le pixel anna by CYANlDE:iconsweirde::iconluvluvplz::iconcyanlde:Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Kira bullet by FittaKukWelcome to my dA page!Kira bullet by FittaKuk

I'm all over places
Facebook (Not my personal):
Colors live…
Transformice: Silverthecat
Skype, Kik and Snapchat Close friends only
Animal crossing New leaf dream adress: 6000 2305 6420


Kira bullet by FittaKukInformationKira bullet by FittaKuk

Hellooo there~ I am an amateur artist and animator whose life consists of drawing furry creatures ever since the age of 5. Though I then gave up 2 years later after being mocked for what I drew and didn't start drawing again until I was 11 years old. I got into animating at the age of 12 on MS paint and switched to using Flipnote Studio for the DSi when I was 13 and is still using it to animate to this day and still trying to improve my animation skills. c:
Some of you may know me as TwiX from Flipnote Hatena, I was a semi-popular creator on there since summer 2011

Feel free to talk to me, just keep in mind that I'm really awkward and I suck at having a conversation with new people ^^; But I'm nice and I like to show kindness! c:
I'm so sorry if I've ever been rude in the past.

Twix bullet by FittaKukABOUT MEE:Kirabiee bullet by Sweirde
:bulletblack: Name: Anna
:bulletblue: Nickname: Kira... Or Twix if you know me from Hatena
:bulletblack: Gender: Female
:bulletblue: Age: 16
:bulletblack: Birthday: January 15
:bulletblue: Location: Norrköping, Sweden
:bulletblack: Languages: Swedish, English and Spanish
:bulletblue: Current obsessions: Kill la kill, Pokemon
:bulletblack: Nationality: Swedish and Ecuadorian
:bulletblue: Sexuality: Asexual
:bulletblack: Relationship status: Taken by CYANlDE :heart:
:bulletblue: Personal quote: "I don't waste my time writing a quote no one will think through."
Flag of Sweden Stamp by xxstampsEcuadorian Flag Stamp by xxstamps

Twix bullet by FittaKukExtra informationKirabiee bullet by Sweirde
:bulletred: I was born with Glaucoma, an eye disease, and I am completly blind in my left eye
:bulletred: I am really short for my age, 150 cm (4'11)
:bulletred: I have the face, voice and behaviour of a 12 year old

Twix bullet by FittaKukMy main charactersKirabiee bullet by Sweirde
:bulletpink: Kira is a weird looking cat
:bulletpink: Twix is a mewrisu (Mew and Pachirisu mixed up)
:bulletpink: Kirabiee is a white Kirby with ears and blue feet

I am NOT a furry, I do NOT consider myself as a furry animal.
Kira is just my main character.


Kira bullet by FittaKukOther accountsKira bullet by FittaKuk

Memes, doodles and Journal dolls: :iconpachlrlsu:

Photos :iconvrinnevi:

Kira bullet by FittaKukTwix bullet by FittaKukKirabiee bullet by Sweirde

I'm totally not ego by SweirdeNot at all by Sweirde

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Sylveon by CreepyJellyfishUmbreon by CreepyJellyfishFennekin by CreepyJellyfish


X/Y Shaymin (Sky) Cursor by mid0456Shaymin by CreepyJellyfish
Twix bullet by FittaKukMy sweetheartKirabiee bullet by Sweirde

Twix bullet by FittaKukMy best friendKirabiee bullet by Sweirde

Twix bullet by FittaKukSenpaisKirabiee bullet by Sweirde

:iconarkeis-pokemon::icongriffsnuff::iconfleesveon::iconsilverfox5213::iconyamio::iconcyanlde::iconrikkasaur::iconamazingartistyellow::iconloserful::iconnaru-pika::iconroyaitea::iconmijumar::iconnaseki::iconjupecat::iconpingpongpau::iconvaporeonshit::iconvaporotem::iconkiwikuru::iconlupisvulpes::iconrainy-bleu: And a lot more

Twix bullet by FittaKukAll my cool friendsKirabiee bullet by Sweirde
Not sure if some people count me as their friend but we have talked a lot in the past perhaps?
Sorry if I forgot anyone ^^;

Twix bullet by FittaKukReal lifeKirabiee bullet by Sweirde
Big sister: :iconthekittyartist:
Big brother: :iconzcrubby: (He's barely active tho)
Neighbour friend: :iconlightmeetdark:

Twix bullet by FittaKukPeople I have met in real lifeKirabiee bullet by Sweirde

speen by Sweirde



Emolga by CreepyJellyfishDedenne by CreepyJellyfish
If you do ask, I will ignore you and not give you a single point.

No Requests by SweetDukeNo Kiribans by SweetDukePoint Commissions - Open by SweetDukeCollaborations - Friends Only by SweetDukeGifts - Open by SweetDukeNo Trades by SweetDuke
(I only do art trades if I ask for it)



A friendship with me develops by talking a lot, not by the question "can we be friends?"

I don't roleplay by RanshiinsithaYou Can Talk To Me Stamp by HazelAlmondsPositive Welcome Stamp by Chai-Fox
I reply to mostly every comment on my page!

I Dont Watch Back STAMP by Puff-Dahh
Espurr by CreepyJellyfishRiolu by CreepyJellyfish

You can communicate with me in 3 languages; English, Swedish or Spanish.

When I'm on the computer I will reply as fast a rocket because I get notifications for every Comment, reply, note and mention I recive


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